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By Coco

“Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Companies in Thailand

If you are looking for Industrial Drone and UAV Manufacturers and Suppliers in Thailand, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers and Suppliers in Thailand.

Check and ask for a quote for Industrial Drone & Industrial UAV, commercial drones for agriculture, use of drones in military operations, Industries for which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are particularly effective include the oil and gas industry, the construction industry, rail networks, you can contact us and get a quote and cost for all your OEM Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). industrial drones for lifting and all types of commercial Drones”


Address:9 Chaloem Phrakiat 83, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
Plus:PM8W+VC Bangkok, Thailand

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

jDrones was founded in 2010 with a dream to change the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones. The founder & CEO, Mr. Jani Hirvinen, who has an extensive background in aviation, electronics, and IT, was one of the founding members of the DIY Drones community. When his team released the ArduCopter platorm in August 2010, it kicked the ball rolling and started the hype around UAVs. It was the first multicopter that was truly created for the private sector. Some of the first ArduCopters were ordered by NASA, and ArduCopter was soon made world famous by companies such as 3D Robotics. The design revolutionized the world of drones with its ArduPilot flight control systems and open source software, and several new UAV companies utilizing the platform were formed. After a couple of years came another great achievement by jDrones: MinimOSD. It is an on-screen display (OSD) system which makes it possible to fly a drone with flight data instruments visible on the screen. MinimOSD is now the De facto OSD system for millions of drone operators around the world. Many present day multicopter designs are entirely based on the work started by jDrones in the beginning of this decade. jDrones has several international patents related to aviation, airfoil design, and propulsion systems.

Today jDrones is an internationally recognized leader in the design and production of both fixed wing and multicopter UAVs. Mr. Hirvinen is regarded by the international UAV community as a pioneer in the development and continuous refinement of the various systems which make multi-functional UAVs invaluable tools in a broad range of uses. jDrones is one of the official manufacturers of ArduPilot and still a core developer and supporter of the DIY Drones community, but the company focuses on designing and manufacturing custom made UAVs and training operators for professional users such as private corporations and governmental / military / law enforcement agencies.



Address:Blangpliyai, 98/11-98/12 Mu22 Soi Tidinthai, ถนน เทพารักษ์ Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand
Plus:HMPP+VG Bang Phli Yai, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan, Thailand
  • Multi-rotor
  • Single-Rotor Helicopter
  • Fixed-Wing Hybrid VTO

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

Top ENGINEERING Group Drones offers high-tech drone platforms of small and medium size, vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL UAVs). Their systems are designed to specifically target mission critical applications. Alliance supplies UAVs for Aerial, Terrestrial, and Naval applications. Has a series of 6 rotor drones. Has a subsidiary for consulting and contract manufacturing called Alliance Robotics Limited.This is privately-owned companies who have specializes in design, development and production of unmanned aircraft. They still have continuing research and development on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for further more technologies on its Vertical Takeoff and Landing system, eliminating the need for runways or launch and recovery systems. Our group is divided into two companies: Top Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a factory that designs and researches the UAVs both of main and secondary system, on various platforms of UAVs and airframe parts



3.Fling Co., Ltd.

Address:110/1 อาคารเคเอกซ์ ชั้น 17 ห้อง 1725, Thanon Krung Thon Buri, Bang Lamphu Lang, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
Phone:PFCX+58 Bangkok, Thailand
Plus:PFCX+58 Bangkok, Thailand
  • AV3Commander™ GCS
  • Aircraft
  • Shadow Quad™
  • AV3Caster X8™

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

Fling’s flagship enterprise drone digital insights platform is Fling-AI. This platform is aimed at the electrical transmission and warehousing industries.Using Fling-AI, drones fly autonomously in both indoor and outdoor settings, standardizing inspection workflows and increasing worker safety and productivity. Data collected from drones and sensors are uploaded automatically where it can be accessed by other employees or admins.The Fling-AI data platform supports enterprise drone fleets by empowering workers to manage the collection, uploading, and consolidation of terabytes of data. On the Fling-AI portal, all workers and managers can access real-time AI-powered insights about their infrastructure.Fling’s mission is to guide the world’s transition to smart and efficient business. Our intelligent solutions for digital transformation employ state-of-the-art drone and AI technology to enhance the efficiency of business processes and improve people’s security and convenience. Find out more how Fling can help your firm’s digital transformation by reaching out.


4 .DIS Computer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Address:388 Exchange Tower 29th Floor, Sukhumvit Road,, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Plus:PHP6+5J Bangkok, Thailand
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • 3D LiDAR
  • Drone Inspections

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

DIS is a prominent provider of corporate drone solutions. High-performance, long-range fixed-wing UAV hardware is combined with advanced analytical technologies and operational services in the company’s solutions. Their fixed wig drones, like the UX11, are well-known. Delair, on the other hand, isn’t just a drone manufacturer. They also provide a comprehensive suite of industry-specific analytics software for aerial data processing, as well as user-friendly flight planning tools. Customers in industries including mining, construction, agriculture, utilities, transportation, and oil and gas use their end-to-end solutions all over the world.




Address:17, 24 Soi Bang Rae, Chalong, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83130, Thailand
Plus:17, 24 Soi Bang Rae, Chalong, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83130, Thailand
  • Multi-rotor Cases
  • OSD on SCR Displa
  • Flight Training

Our commercial services are carried out by a team of exceptional filmmakers who bring passion, dedication, and extensive experience to all of our video marketing solutions.We send our professional film crew all over Thailand creating stunning pictures whether it’s corporate, documentary, or lifestyle content. Our production company collaborates often with some of the best Bangkok videographers for photo and video production of all genres.Our photo and video production company services place client objectives as the top priority advising on how best to navigate our digital world.Contact Spielben & Co creative agency for a personalized quotation for your photo or video needs.



6.Thai sky vision (Head Quater)

Address:160/546,547 24 Floor ITF Silom Palace Si Lom, สุริยวงศ์ Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Plus:PGHH+37 Bangkok, Thailand
  • Target and Decoy Drones
  • Photography Drones
  • GPS Drones
  • Racing Drones

Thai Sky Vision serves the world of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with products and services in the fields of aerial inspection and mapping, agriculture, and cinematography.Thai Sky Vision continuously presents new products of advanced unmanned aerial technologies and equipment to its customers and guides them on how to use them easier and more reliable. To that end, the Thai team, consisted of highly experienced operators, constantly tests its product portfolio in real, and sometimes even harsh situations.



7.USAsian Aeroservices

Address:74, 120, Bang Sare, Sattahip District, Chon Buri, Thailand
Plus:QV6X+9X Bang Sare, Sattahip District, Chon Buri, Thailand
  • Single-Rotor Drones
  • Multi-Rotor Drones
  • Fixed-Wing Drone
  • Fixed-Wing Hybrid Drones

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

US ASIAN creates drones that can be controlled totally through a smartphone app. Their GhostDrone 2.0 has some great features, including self-protection, which makes it return automatically in the event of a low battery or lost communication; dual sensors, which provide a backup if the first sensor fails; and app control, which uses “smart algorithms” to reduce human error during flight. With its pilotless air taxi, the  216, which seats two people, EHang continues to push the frontiers of the sky.Commercial unmanned aircraft systems are designed, manufactured, and serviced by Aerialtronics. The Altura Zenith, their most recent iteration, blends cutting-edge technology with a flat, small, and lightweight design. Aerialtronics systems may be used in several industries, including safety and security, inspection, surveying and mapping, agriculture, and research, thanks to its wide range of payload compatibility, which includes dual vision cameras, gas sniffers and radiation detectors.


8.Drone Association of Thailand

Address:90 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Plus:QHCF+2F Bangkok, Thailand
  • Drones For Small Areas
  • Tactical Drones
  • Micro Drones
  • Reconnaissance Drones

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

Founded in 1953 and headquartered at Tel Aviv, Drone Association of Thailand is a government owned corporation. The Company is specializing in developing and manufacturing advanced, state-of-the-art systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber, and homeland security. The Company provide advanced technology solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide including satellites, missiles, weapon systems and munitions, unmanned and robotic systems, radars, C4ISR, and more. The Company is mainly operating through four groups, namely ELTA Systems, Aviation Group, Military Aircraft, and Systems Missiles & Space.Drone Association of Thailand Before producing the first commercially successful, ready-to-fly fixed-wing RC aeroplane, yuneec initially innovated in the aircraft industry. They eventually evolved into their now-ubiquitous aerial video quadcopter. They announced the debut of the Typhoon H520, which was developed primarily for business purposes, as well as a massive customer service push to deliver high-quality service, in early 2017. They unveiled the first-ever voice-controlled drone, Mantis Q, in 2018, adding to their record of firsts.




Address:74/17 Soi Chan 23/2, Thung Wat Don, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Plus:PG5F+7M Bangkok, Thailand
  • Aero Inspection UAV
  • AeroVision Drone
  • Long-Distance Remote Piloting
  • Simulator
  • ASIPP Professional Pilot Certification

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in thailand

DRONEHEROES is a creative production company with two offices in Thailand & Netherlands. We turn strong ideas into reality. With 10+ years of experience in the hospitality and lifestyle industry, we develop concepts and formats, and execute productions in-house.Our team of passionated creators will help you present your vision to the world as it truly should be shown. The Company also provides precise positioning solutions to the UAV industry that offer continuous mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation for applications such as navigation, guidance, and control of unmanned vehicles as well as mapping and survey from UAVs. In the agriculture industry, the Company offers solutions for land preparation, guidance & steering, correction services, planting & seeding, flow and application control, water management, data management, and harvest.


10.Helicam Company Limited : Aerial Photography Phuket

Address:82/15 Moo 10,, T. Chalong, A. Muang,, Phuket, 83130, Thailand
Plus:R8JG+J8 Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand
  • Drones For Small Areas
  • Tactical Drones
  • Micro Drones
  • Reconnaissance Dron

Operating since 2003 – Helicam Co Ltd was the first ever commercial business to provide Aerial Photography throughout Thailand using unmanned aircraft. Purpose built RC Helicopters fitted with DSLR cameras to capture quality images from the air. Over the years with new advances in technology Helicam  branched into new types of imagery – Photography Interiors & Exteriors, Lifestyle, Virtual Tours, and Movie Productions. Helicam are based within their very own purpose built offices on the Big Buddha road in Chalong, Phuket


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