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By Coco

“Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Companies in USA

If you are looking for Industrial Drone and UAV Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA.

Check and ask for a quote for Industrial Drone & Industrial UAV, commercial drones for agriculture, use of drones in military operations, Industries for which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are particularly effective include the oil and gas industry, the construction industry, rail networks, you can contact us and get a quote and cost for all your OEM Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). industrial drones for lifting and all types of commercial Drones”

1.Action Drone USA

Address:2127 Olympic Pkwy #1006-224, Chula Vista, CA 91915, United States
Phone: +16198701796
Plus:2127 Olympic Pkwy #1006-224, Chula Vista, CA 91915, United States


Action Drone Inc. (AD) is a San Diego, CA based industrial drone company, working together with global industrial companies and government agencies to enhance efficiency and multiply workforce with drones in the U.S.AD provides educational, maintenance, and training services with custom manufactured, open-source, industrial small unmanned aircraft systems.Our unique AD approach of integrating business strategies and standardizing drone operations, enhances workflow efficiency. We also serve with a trusted network of current professional licensed pilots, providing infrastructure inspections, mapping and surveillance.We’re not an ordinary drone service company – we build relationships with our close networks and take action together with our partners around the world.


2.San Diego Industrial Drone Consortium

Address:780 Bay Blvd #204, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States
Plus:JW94+WM Chula Vista, California, USA
  • Multi-rotor
  • Single-Rotor Helicopter
  • Fixed-Wing Hybrid VTO

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

Having access to local UAV test sites is critical for the development of drone technology. As the UAV industry continues to grow, San Diego is striving to remain competitive by creating an environment that supports UAV testing and development. Click the links below to learn more about UAV test sites around San Diego County.Enabling Drone Development in San Diego“To foster growth of the San Diego drone industry by leveraging collective resources, experience and capabilities to pursue defense and commercial opportunities, develop cross-industry partnerships in an effort to increase resiliency among drone companies, cultivate a highly qualified workforce, promote the development of drone technology, advocate for the development of UAS test sites and infrastructure, and support the integration of drones in the National Airspace System (NAS).”



3.INOVA Drone Inc.

Address:QVC4+7Q San Diego, California, USA
Phone: +16194310147
Plus:QVC4+7Q San Diego, California, USA
  • SkyCommander™ GCS
  • Aircraft
  • Shadow Quad™
  • SkyCaster X8™

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

Inova Drone Inc. is a commercial and defense focused unmanned systems design, integration and manufacturing company founded in 2014 in San Diego California. The company excels with rapid development and prototyping of high performance and ruggedized aerial vehicle systems with industry leading flight time and range for mission critical applications. The company is currently creating a family of drones which share a common architecture for military and commercial customers.


4 .Industrial Aerobotics

Address:18444 N 25th Ave #420, Phoenix, AZ 85023, United States
Phone: +16028422723
Plus:MV3P+FR Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

INDUSTRIAL AEROBOTICS was formed by a team of business savvy Power Utility engineers who have a long history with the Bulk Power Industry, Aviation, Remote Control Technologies, and Industrial Automation. This unique combination of diverse expertise has not only allowed our employees to work in a field they have a passion for, but also positioned Industrial Aerobotics to help its clients to use cutting edge technology to achieve extraordinary business results.Please review our industry brochures below to see detailed descriptions and examples of the technology we use and data products we produce to help our clients maintain a leg up on their competition.


5.Atlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

Address:1220 Oak Industrial Ln Suite A, Cumming, GA 30041, United States
Phone: +16785134450
Plus: 5R5W+57 Cumming, Georgia, USA
  • Multi-rotor Cases
  • OSD on SCR Displa
  • Flight Training

Atlantahobby.com and our sister companies UAV Experts, UAVExpertnews.com and UAVGroundschool.com has been in business since 1978. We work very hard to provide the latest products at the lowest prices and specialize in Remote Control aircraft, boats, cars, helicopters, drones, astronomy and optical products. Our shop is located in Cumming GA just north of Atlanta and our company is known as a sole source, full circle supplier-meaning we supply factory direct equipment, fleet management, flight training, expert free consultation and FAA 107 test prep all in one place.

We encourage you to join our weekly newsletter for ongoing news, and special offers and want to thank you for supporting USA based Shops like ours; your patronage is supporting American families and your dollars are staying in the local community.Our founder, Cliff Whitney, has been an aviation enthusiast from childhood and understands flight, as well as optical and imaging products. As both a private pilot with multiple ratings and being the former President of a national camera and photo imaging company. Aside from his knowledge of what he calls the hobby and fun side of our business Cliff brings a unique understanding of what needs to happen when on a professional UAV assignment.


6.Innovative UAS

Address:15425 N Greenway Hayden Loop ste a-225, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
Phone: +14804279959
Plus: J3GH+GF Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Target and Decoy Drones
  • Photography Drones
  • GPS Drones
  • Racing Drones

Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

At InnovativeUAS, we are set out to bring you the most innovative and advanced drone technology on the market. It’s time to see the world from another perspective.UAVs, DRONES, & MULTIROTORS FROM DJI & MORE Let your drone passion take flight. Drones, or UAVs, are growing in popularity for their ease of use and their ability to capture breathtaking photos and videos from the sky. Innovative UAS, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, carries a variety of easy to pilot drones perfect for all skill levels. From the popular DJI Phantom 4 PRO, and DJI Mavic Pro 2 to the commercial rich Zenmuse XT, you are sure to find the right drone to suit your needs.




7.Drone U

Address:8202 Louisiana Blvd NE b, Albuquerque, NM 87113, United States
Phone: +15052364040
Plus:5CGM+J2 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Single-Rotor Drones
  • Multi-Rotor Drones
  • Fixed-Wing Drone
  • Fixed-Wing Hybrid Drones

We are often asked, “How did the Drone U Flight School evolve into one of the largest online drone training schools?”It all started when two middle-aged bald guys and a punk millennial walked into a room…
No this isn’t a warm-up for a joke, but really how it all began, back in 2014.Tim Ray and Rob Burdick were running a mortgage company they had started together and had been looking for help with their social media presence.Enter Paul Aitken, who they hired after a glowing recommendation by a mutual friend. Let’s be honest, to this day you can probably quickly get that Paul is a passionate, contagious personality.As their working relationship and budding friendship grew, Paul started talking about this drone thing he was starting to get into. He was even going out of state for training so he could become a drone pilot.Intrigued, Tim and Rob were digging for details and it became a topic often discussed when the three of them got together.That’s when the lightbulb went on in Tim’s head,



8.Wounded Eagle UAS

Address:11926 Rio Hondo Pkwy, El Monte, CA 91732, United States
Plus:3XWW+WM El Monte, California, USA
  • Drones For Small Areas
  • Tactical Drones
  • Micro Drones
  • Reconnaissance Drones
Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

Our mission at Wounded Eagle UAS is to provide a quality, professional, and educational experience to our wounded American veterans. To provide them a Hand Up approach with the skills, tools, education, and experience necessary to compete in the hobby and unmanned aerial systems industry as a career.Wounded Eagle is a consortium of Veterans and supportive civilians dedicated to helping wounded and disabled service members, Veterans and their families find pathways into the commercial drone industry through training, networking and mentorship.Wounded Eagle is EXCLUSIVE to Veterans and their family members. Please SIGN UP here, and upload a photo of one of the following: DD214, VA card and/or VA letter of disability rating, which qualifies for FAA exam reimbursement.




Address:269 Executive Dr, Troy, MI 48083, United States
Phone: +12488507439
Plus:GWP2+94 Troy, Michigan, USA
  • Skycopter Inspection UAV
  • Skyloc
  • SkyAI Engine
  • Long-Distance Remote Piloting
  • Simulator
  • ASIPP Professional Pilot Certification

Skycopter offers an innovative approach to industrial inspections and first response emergency situations.

Skycopter is a safe, ready-to-fly product suitable for several applications. The drone is enclosed and protected by an external aerodynamic, ultra-light, and ultra-resistant cage to ensure safety and avoid damage to inspected structures and to the airframe itself. It’s designed to work in extreme conditions and ultra-tight spaces.

The Skycopter‘s tiltable camera can record 4K video while sending a latency-free 720p digital stream to the ground for First Person View on high definition goggles or ruggedized ground station display (optional). Thanks to the FPV technology, you can fly as if you are on board the drone!Skycopter mounts an ultra-bright 360° LED system for applications in complete darkness, and it uses our Skyloc technology: a real-time location and monitoring system able to control and track with extremely high accuracy the movements of the drone in indoor scenarios or where GPS is not available.


10.Unmanned Safety Institute

Address:1801 California St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
Plus:P2X6+22 Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Drones For Small Areas
  • Tactical Drones
  • Micro Drones
  • Reconnaissance Dron
Top 10 Industrial Drone & UAV Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

We believe all unmanned operations are equally important, especially for the individual remote pilot.Our company is needed in promoting safe operations across the industry, and we do whatever we can to make all programs a success.We provide unparalleled support and service to our clients and they respect us, and that is what sets our company apart from others.Unmanned is an American drone and cloud solutions company located in the financial district of Hartford, Connecticut. Founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers, IT gurus, and business strategists, AD delivers a vertically integrated blend of products and services. Its ecosystem includes a hybrid aviation cloud with edge capabilities for commercial drones, US-based drone manufacturing, ‘maintenance-repair-overhaul’ services, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions for large enterprises and governments.


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